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aVNLWTefkcU March 28, 2023 608
5RP2hpdieakK March 30, 2023 270
C3FaMn0iK5 February 3, 2023 902
PKolZzQ75ub April 1, 2023 357
SfzO7GnV6mB March 10, 2023 297

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Fun with minor issues. Great environments, fun gameplay. You can't turn the sound off! If you want to play while listening to music or podcast, you're gonna hear the music and hitting of the game. Add an option to turn off sound! Other complaint is against hidden objects. Let's say you get a pumpkin on a level, and now have found 30/50 pumpkins. Then you go back to that level, it just shows 0/2 red bears (? I don't know what they are). The point: add better tracking of what you've found in lvls

Decent but not great. Sometimes when chipping close to the green you can't see your ball or the hole because of scenery. Should be easy enough to fade that out so we could see. Also, it seems to auto-range your clubs; sometimes when putting, it will give you an impossible shot because you won't be able to hit hard enough to climb a hill.

The game is pretty decent. It's not the best golf game, but also not the worst. The game has several modes to play, such as the normal mode, timed mode, etc. and it has multiple objectives on top of that like grabbing collectables on the courses, or finding secret holes. If you have Play Pass and want something simple to pass the time, this is a good enough choice.

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Golf on the go! Fix crash on Android 10.

Name OK Golf
Version 2.3.3
Price FREE
Rating 4.3 (4443 ratings)
Category Codes
Update February 2, 2023
Get it on Google Play
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