“Ogu and the Secret Forest” is a captivating journey of a young boy named Ogu who stumbles upon a mysterious and enchanting forest. As Ogu delves deeper into the forest, he encounters a series of magical creatures and hidden secrets that challenge his bravery and wit. This imaginative tale weaves together themes of friendship, courage, and the power of nature, taking readers on an unforgettable adventure. With its vivid storytelling and richly drawn characters, “Ogu and the Secret Forest” captures the imagination and leaves readers eagerly turning the page to uncover the secrets within.

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- 1st prize: 500 gold coins, enchanted bow, mystic potion.

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- Sure, here's a short 10 word reward for Ogu and the Secret Forest: "Found 50 gold, 3 health potions, 2 keys, and gem".

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Ogu and the Secret Forest

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ZJL5MNGHFebruary 28, 2024
MU2DZ4T0RAFebruary 18, 2024
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3LJTRCXA7MIApril 15, 2024
C51ST20QD8March 25, 2024
IPZG29WDFebruary 27, 2024
5BC08KOZUNMarch 8, 2024
LE3VDIOPSFebruary 23, 2024

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Ogu and the Secret Forest Review

I really like this game. It has a cute and chill vibe and it's generally relaxing to play. The puzzles are challenging, but deeply satisfying and entertaining to play and complete. My only really critique is that because of how the player moves, the bosses are abit annoying to play against. The joystick hurt the skin of my thumbs after a short time (the constant pulling of dragging on the smooth screen hurts the skin attached to the nail) so I use the D-pad. Fighting the bosses is annoying

Such cute characters! And the game play itself is smooth as well.

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