“Offroad Chronicles” is your ultimate guide to the world of offroading. Whether you’re an experienced offroad enthusiast or just starting out, this publication covers everything you need to know. From trail reviews and vehicle recommendations to gear guides and maintenance tips, we’ve got you covered. Our passionate team of writers and experts share their insights, experiences, and advice to help you make the most of your offroading adventures. So, gear up, get ready, and let “Offroad Chronicles” take you on a thrilling journey through rugged terrains and breathtaking landscapes. Get ready to explore the world of offroading like never before!

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Offroad Chronicles

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Offroad Chronicles Review

The graphics are nice and the physics are alright too but the map is really small. It has like one map with three locations and you circle around them. That makes it kinda boring. Also you can't go wandering off or like simply go of route, you have go from one place to another and back over and over. Good for about half an hour but after that it gets really boring because you do the same thing again and again. Please add new maps.

A nice game, nice graphics, just that is not the kind of game I think of, being the only guy driving in the whole scenario without other trucks/cars driving by, looks boring being the only one in road, you should have add traffic, & fuel station, & real GPS map, & the distance of each job should be 400km 600km, & day/night circle in next update

absolutely the best offroad game for mobile devices this game is console quality.. I love this game my only complaint would be is that it's hard to advance up the levels unless you throw down some money for points otherwise plan on doing low level missions for a long time . but graphics are great the feel of the game is outstanding even the audio is superb I hope this company comes out with more games of this quality soon. I'm a fan for sure keep up the great job on these games I love it

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