OBD Auto Doctor is a powerful car scanner designed to diagnose and monitor the performance of your vehicle. With its comprehensive features, it can read and clear diagnostic trouble codes, check vehicle readiness monitors, and display live sensor data. The user-friendly interface allows easy access to detailed reports and real-time information, enabling car owners to effectively identify and solve vehicle issues. Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, OBD Auto Doctor provides a cost-effective and convenient solution for car maintenance, ensuring optimal performance and reliability on the road.

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OBD Auto Doctor car scanner Reviews

It only scans Engine Control Module (ECM) and Transmission Control Module (TCM). It does not scan any other modules such as ABS, VSC, etc. So it's about the same as a cheap handheld scanner in that regard. The Pro version also has sensor monitors with data graphing and logging, which made it worth it for me to do a one month subscription. This part helped enabled me to figure out the problem with the car. But I had to use something else to read the ABS and VSC codes since OBD Auto Dr. doesn't read those... It paired fine with my Carista adapter, which is just a ELM v1.5 with v4 Bluetooth that works with Android, IOS, Windows.

I love this app! I would definitely recommend upgrading to the pro version for all the features. I use it with the icar pro OBD2 adapter, I've used both the Wi-Fi and the Bluetooth adapter types and have had better luck with the Wi-Fi version as far as connectivity between the device and the application. This app is easy to use and navigate and has saved me so much time in troubleshooting car issues. I tried many others before and AutoDoctor is the best. Thanks guys, keep up the good work!

What, I'm the only one this doesn't work with. I have to create an account, give them location permission and the d app doesn't even connect. Ok, follow their troubleshooting guide, try connection over and send log but the log doesn't contain anything, nada. This elm327 adapter works ok with torque but not this app. I was looking for something a bit easier to follow than torque and less buggy but I guess I'll have to stick with that. I've wasted way too much time on this.

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