Nosh Delivery is your go-to service for delicious food straight to your doorstep. With a wide range of cuisines available, you can satisfy any craving from the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re in the mood for a juicy burger, a fresh salad, or a mouthwatering pasta, Nosh Delivery has got you covered. Our dedicated team ensures your food arrives hot and ready to devour. Sit back, relax, and let Nosh Delivery bring the restaurant experience to you.

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The cart lacks basic features like the ability to remove or decrease the quantity of an individual item without emptying the entire cart. An ordering app without basic functions like this is not ready for release. Additionally, when I was asked to verify my identity via a code sent over SMS, the verification process resulted in my cart being emptied and sent back to the restaurant's menu page. When using a promo code, every time I left the cart page that code was lost and I had to re-enter it.

Absolutely horrible app. This business should change this app now or they going to go bankrupt. Takes an hour to get an order put in through this app because the programming is so slow and bugged. Ya'll should be ashamed even putting this app on the market.

This app works and served my purpose. I was worried after the reviews I read, but I did not experience anything but ease compared to other delivery apps. Yes, you do have to re-enter the promo code if you make changes but this is not a glitch - it's a way of the restaurant(s) getting full price if they can - and you're not paying attention. This app is fine for its intended purpose. Thank you for the 15.00 off my first order!

Lots of bugs. Overlapping content. Promo code gets wiped if you change the tip amount. Had to restart the app a couple times because it froze. Search doesnt work. Categories only returns a couple restaurants (ie, only 2 restaurants under the "asian" category when there's probably 15 around here).

Local business so I was excited to support it. Tried the app a couple times. First delivery, the food arrived very late and inedibly cold. A few day later gave it a second try. The meal arrived missing one of its 3 items- the beverage! App ordering works ok- but delivery side was a 100% fail- needs work! Uninstalled the app. Plus 2 stars for the ordering bit being ok. Sigh....

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Nosh Delivery is the exciting new way to order food from a great selection of This version contains bug fixes and performance improvements.

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