Norton 360 offers comprehensive protection for devices, online privacy, and identity. It combines advanced security features, including real-time threat detection, with a simple user interface. With malware protection, secure VPN, and password manager, it safeguards against online threats, ransomware, and phishing scams. Users can also back up and encrypt their files for added security. Norton 360’s parental control feature allows users to monitor their children’s online activities. The software’s automatic updates ensure that users stay protected from the latest cyber threats. Overall, Norton 360 provides robust security solutions for the digital age.

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Norton 360 Reviews

If I could give no stars I would. This app is literally spyware,if you go to permissions and click all permissions you'll see for yourself. It has overriding permissions on everything,it literally has permission to record conversations/read texts/take video without you giving it permission. Not only that,but it's allowed to override your entire phone and change things and you can't stop it either! I implore you to check all permissions by clicking the three dots at the top of permissions....😤

The app is notorious for many False Postives. It flags apps w/malware thats isn't so. The Norton Google Play Scan shows those are Safe & no option to mark those as Trusted. The process of turning in false positive apps to Norton is questionable bcuz it lacks feedback on its progress. No option to scan certain files & folders manually. The Dark Web option is incomplete, that means, to remove personal info on those sites, I have to submit more info about myself. Just have a Remove button, done.

Having this VPN is causing a major delay in all my applications. It's to the point I have to disconnect for everything. I'm not sure what the purpose is for paying for a service that's not working correctly. I will delete the app completely and reinstall it. If the problem resumes, I will have to find another service. The purpose of having this is for security purposes, but if I can't utilize it properly, what's the purpose. Update disappointed I have to switch providers no longer feel safe!

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