“Nordicandia: Semi Idle RPG is an immersive role-playing game that combines elements of strategy, exploration, and character development. Set in a richly detailed Nordic-inspired world, players embark on epic quests, battle fearsome creatures, and uncover hidden treasures. The semi-idle gameplay allows players to progress even when they’re not actively playing, making it perfect for both casual and hardcore gamers. With stunning graphics, an engaging storyline, and a wide range of customization options, Nordicandia provides endless hours of adventure and entertainment for RPG enthusiasts.”

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Nordicandia: Semi Idle RPG Tier List

So this game is amazing. It scratches a good idle fantasy idle game. The progression is pretty straight forward and easy to pick up. The amount of loot and upgrading you can do is on par with Diablo. The choices of races and classes is wonderful and in depth. My only complaint is that you cannot stack the gems to improve certain stats in armor and weapons. So they kind of take up a lot space. But other than that an outstanding game!

Game is a little too expensive to not be frustrating vs what you get. It has two difficulties: spamming abilities to clear faster in an awkward way or infuriatingly difficult in an awkward way, when not playing as idle. Has weird Game design decisions like changing pets resetting zones when there isn't a reason to do so. Active play is much more rewarding than idle play, so good luck advancing the season pass if you intend to play as idle. Has potential, though.

Game is fun in a diablo kinda way. Thing is, inventory and upgrade management is handled in a one item at a time fashion and your inventory fills up in 5 mins meaning, you spend lots of time dragging one item at a time to a garbage can or one item at a time upgrading when 5 upgrades can all be done at once completely slowing the game experience.

Nordicandia is a surprisingly great ARPG with simple graphics. It offers constant progression, diverse characters, and builds. Hardcore mode adds excitement. Recommended for genre fans, but may not be the best starting point for newcomers. No intrusive monetization or ads. Worth trying for a fresh experience.

Seams like an interesting game. But not for me at least they could of drawn characters instead of floating icons

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