Non-Stop Space Defense – Alien Fight – tower defense style shooter: Protect the Earth from aggressive aliens. You all fire and fire (four cannons) trying not to let them reach the edge of the stratosphere.

And they pour and pour in waves, and bosses often wander in, and each strength is indicated by a number. The larger the number, the more blows they withstand, however, and the more gold they bring (when they burst). Gold is perfect for pumping guns. Minimalistic animation in cosmic neon shades and spectacular music perfectly convey the atmosphere of the battle.

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Gift Codes Expiration Date Total
Y5Hxq64nFEW January 31, 2023 904
2fxAhC9J36gD February 27, 2023 649
iVhy0KCe8d March 11, 2023 516
1aTFhZvkPGJ February 28, 2023 423
FdxprQjE1lg February 4, 2023 327

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  • Step 1: Click on 'Avatar' => 'Settings' => 'Promo Code'.
  • Step 2: Enter the code in the gift code' box and press 'Confirm' to receive the reward.
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It seems decent, the constant tapping hurt the fingers every now and then. Upgrading your ships/turrets starts to slow down a bit early on and you have to fail a wave or 2 before getting enough to keep going past 40, but that could be just me. Skill use system seems great but having to relearn skills kinda sucks. Once it is unlocked it should stay unlocked to help progress the game faster, but again, it could just be me.

If the game wasn't just ads after ads, it'd be better. Wanna double your coins after being gone? Watch an ad. Oh hey, look, an ad after that! What's that, didn't want to watch that 2nd ad? Too bad, now you just got your regular coins. Oh, and 5 seconds later, here's a 3rd ad. But then again, it's an idler. A terrible one, but it counts as an idler.

A few things: WAY too many ads. Never ever just have pop-up ads in a game requiring tapping. Let us Prestige when WE want to and not force increments of whatever. Makes us feel like we are touring instead of playing. A boost for an ad should last at least 10-15 minutes and not 3...some ads are over a minute long, now. No way to migrate save data from one device to another. I'll probably be deleting instead of restarting on my new S10+. Fix those things and it's a 5 star app.

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Be the Hero of the Galaxy and stop the Alien invasion to defend Earth. Various bug fixes and improvements.

Name Non-Stop Space Defense – Infin
Version 1.1.2a
Price FREE
Rating 3.8 (10377 ratings)
Category Codes
Update January 30, 2023
Get it on Google Play
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