Nobodies: Murder Cleaner is an intriguing new game that puts players in the role of a cleanup specialist for organized crime. As a skilled professional, your task is to meticulously eliminate any evidence left behind after a murder. With a dark and immersive storyline, players must navigate various crime scenes, uncover hidden clues, and dispose of corpses without raising suspicion. Combining strategy, puzzles, and suspense, Nobodies: Murder Cleaner offers a unique and thrilling gaming experience for players who enjoy a taste of the criminal underworld.

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- 300 gold, 5 rubies, 2 diamonds, 10 resources, 1 rare equipment, 50 gems, 1000 money, 3 items, and 1 special item.

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- 100 gold, 50 gems, $500, 20 diamonds, 200 resources, powerful equipment, rare items, secret documents.

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TR86z4Ny691October 10, 2023
Izmr2LOicu434November 4, 2023
U9RqAfQ5a463September 24, 2023
KzJfjNW3yl4779November 10, 2023
RjedtmZ2Ex969September 27, 2023

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I played the "original" version and the puzzles were at times very difficult to solve. The added Pager is a huge step in the right direction to allow for the new puzzles and old ones alike to now be solved after coming at a loss in what to do next... The controls were near perfect, except I wish that it was not required to press two fingers to "search" hotspots. It sometimes interferes with the objects accidentally. I noticed improvements and upgrades in the overall aesthetic. Well worth $3.

Cool little puzzle game, easily worth the price. My only nitpicks are that there's one item in the museum level that you have to return for full points, but you shouldn't have to return this item (I believe it would be more suspicious to return it than to keep it). Also, the prison and hospital levels aren't clean even when you get full points - too many loose ends are left. Other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Great game, finished in a day and wish there was more. Great to play a stylistic and intuitive point and click puzzle game. Please make more! I would suggest, some scenarios, the hotel room or sweden for example, are crying out for multiple options to dispose of the body- some being better than others. However, I would say lose the navigation component (eg the vents or the car) and just use a map, or some other minigame. It is too annoying and confusing to click through these stages.

I loved the initial version, but having played an hour, the aesthetic of this one is a little different and I'll be comparing it to that. I was used to the voiceless initial version, so while the intro wasn't bad I liked being able to mute it. However, the new dialogue font in the game is too sporty and modern! The fade-in of the text going away too makes the text my biggest complaint (-1 star). The dialogue is sometimes changed for the worse (feels like a different protagonist), and the removal of "mission briefing" room or world map (understandable, since the game takes place around the globe) makes the experience outside missions ironically duller than before. On the bright side, I like the pager! Part of the game's downfall is not knowing what to do with the things around. And nice job revamping the hotel level - it was nearly impossible in the first version (although more beautiful). I'm going to play more later, might update this review - thank you for the game!

Brilliant game. Kept me entertained for a few days. Missions are really good, and very challenging at times. I had to Google hints once or twice to progress in a level, as it was driving me insane. Always a good sign. Only issue is that there's only a handful of levels and nothing thereafter, unless you want to go straight into replaying episodes. I'd love to see a sequel.

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They do the dirty work. You clean it up.

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