“Get Ready for the NFL Fantasy Football Season!

As the NFL season approaches, it’s time to start preparing for your fantasy football draft. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or new to the game, there are plenty of strategies and tips to help you build a winning team. From analyzing player statistics to understanding the importance of a balanced lineup, there’s a lot to consider when creating your roster.

Stay ahead of the competition by staying informed on player news, injury updates, and breakout stars. With careful planning and a bit of luck, you could be on your way to fantasy football glory!”

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NFL Fantasy Football

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NFL Fantasy Football Reviews

App is trash now. Freezes and shutdown unexpected. And worst of all the app doesn't always allow for substitutions even before the game. I received error messages twice this year when trying to edit my lineup just before the game. Once it was at 12:59 so I get it but the other instance was with 3 mins to go before kickoff. Lost both games and out of playoffs in my league because of it. Lost last game by 1 point and my shot at the $1200 prize. Message read player not editable even before kickoff.

I just updated the app yesterday and the scoreboard does not work, just goes to blue screen, also, the optimizer appears to be in reverse of what starting lineup is in regard to max projected points. Does not at times allow to move player from bench to starting lineup. This app gets worse every time a new update is downloaded.

This app sucks so bad! It takes forever to update the points, it crashes when I try to view other weeks, the buttons don't always work. I'm usually a patient person but this is the worst fantasy football app I've ever used because of the bugs. If it weren't for that, I like the stats it displays for each player, but my goodness, getting there can be a challenge.

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