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Netflix Coupon Reviews

Netflix as a concept is great. Netflix as an app completely sucks. You can tell you're due for an app or device update because you get constant"5.10" errors. Which would be fine if the updates fixed the problem. But they persist for days after. And the updates aren't exactly infrequent either. Doesn't matter if it's downloaded content or online. This is the most obnoxious app I have used to date.

While I have enjoyed Netflix, I find it highly confusing how they get rid of good shows. To my perspective, I think it could resul more profitable to allow customers to be able to choose what we watch and like to keep around in stead of just stuffing the app with all sorts of nonsense options/movies/shows. Netflix used to be of better quality, meaning it used to have better content (more family oriented) and now it just seems to be aiming to delete the worthy of keeping fam oriented shows.

Used to love Netflix. It had good shows, was reasonably priced, I could install a version on my phone and have entertainment while I was traveling, the whole family could share an account on different devices... sublime. But most recently, I've been getting kicked off every2 weeks. Netflix has decided I'm not allowed to use their platform that has BEEN PAYED FOR unless within their jurisdiction. If this had been disclosed before purchase, there wouldn't have been a purchase.

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