“Necropolis: Story of Lich” is a captivating tale that delves into the dark and mysterious world of the undead. The story follows the journey of a powerful lich, who seeks to uncover the ancient secrets hidden within a forbidden necropolis. As the lich ventures deeper into the crypts, they encounter treacherous traps, malevolent spirits, and ancient guardians determined to protect the necropolis’ secrets at any cost. With spine-tingling suspense and compelling narrative, “Necropolis: Story of Lich” immerses readers in a world of dark magic, ancient curses, and the relentless pursuit of forbidden knowledge.

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- 1. 100 gold, ancient artifact, enchanted dagger for victorious battles!

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- 1. Obtain 50 gold coins, 3 healing potions, enchanted ring, and ancient tome.

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Necropolis: Story of Lich

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01IFX9S6February 19, 2024
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Necropolis: Story of Lich Review

I feel like it would be a good game, but there's almost no tutorial. In the beginning, it has you doing the map, and then a whole bunch of other UI opens up unexplained, but necessary to survive. Then there are materials that you need, but you're not told how to acquire, and the stats for characters are just so confusing, what's the difference between power, attack, and damage?? The chest unlock times are really long (and those are the chests you get from the major unexplained part of the game)

Ads after every battle are necessary due to the amount of coins needed to revive army in late-game. Spending more than 500 on revival (average cost for me is 3000) is impossible due to the amount of battles, time needed for ads/coin free revival, and coin upkeep. Developers said they fixed the failed ads black screen no reward issue but I still encounter them every so often, but less so now days. In general, the game fails to keep a balanced resource upkeep. You must play very conservatively.

Game is not consistent and as you level up, rewards stay the same. You can beat a huge, very difficult army weeks into the game and receive 10 gold and 1 wood, same as if you beat 10 beginner skeletons. The cost of everything goes up exponentially yet the amount of resources received stays the same. You hit a wall and must pay to get resources to keep playing at a normal level. Everything gets expensive and you can't collect enough resources to play everyday. Typical pay to play to be successful

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