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Active NBA All-World VIP Codes

dQqDLVxxxxx Get

- Gold x7962K, Gems x317, Coins x65973

pb2Le3xxxxx Get

- Diamonds x897, Money x86257, Resources x3465K

NBA All-World Codes

List of NBA All-World Codes

Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
hRQGqp9yiXSMay 23, 2023183
RyjYmNp0UrDGMay 12, 2023236
wvjto4GV8hApril 4, 2023919
IwTFf95i8hLMay 11, 2023969
LMfceDQWyaoApril 15, 2023715

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I've been a fan of Niantic for a long time, and so it pains me to do this, but what could be an "incredible game" is instead an " incredibly buggy game". From games freezing up, to players popping up on the map on top of drop points, to completely rigged games that are impossible to win (aka opponent scoring 17 points in 'Beat the Clock'), more time is spent in frustration than actual time enjoying the game. Hopefully they make improvements, because it has the potential of a 5-star game.

fun game. the interactive part is awesome being able to play people from all over the world. controls are a bit primitive, hopefully they'll work on that. a few bugs also. game will freeze mid match and I'll have to exit out the game and restart it, also loose all credits and if in tournament you take a loss for the tournament, which sucks. other than that it's pretty cool. get the bugs fixed and maybe I'd give it a 4-4.5

I am sure this will be a 5 star in the future. Still a little buggie. At times during the 1 on 1 the controls lag just a little bit and get stuck going in the same direction. Otherwise great concept. There is always plenty to do. I'm not clear on what the trigger is to update gear as I have noticed that some of the items I have update even when they are not being worn. Great game so far though. I know as more people learn about the game the experience will get better.

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Get Outside and Ball - New feature, Daily Deals in Store with freebies and exclusive drops
- Fix to blocking in 1v1
- Map optimizations for Drop Zones
- General performance improvements and bug fixes

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