MyNISSAN® is an innovative platform that offers a seamless experience for Nissan vehicle owners. With MyNISSAN®, users can easily access real-time vehicle information, schedule maintenance appointments, and receive personalized service offers. The platform also provides valuable resources such as owner’s manuals, how-to videos, and helpful tips to maximize the ownership experience. MyNISSAN® keeps owners connected to their vehicles, offering remote access features like locking and unlocking doors, setting vehicle alerts, and monitoring vehicle health. This comprehensive platform ensures that Nissan owners can stay informed, organized, and empowered to make the most of their driving experience.

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MyNISSAN® Reviews

This app is very slow to connect and preform the tasks. Also the companion watch app makes you login in every time to the phone app so you can perform any remote tasks if it even recognizes your phone login. What's the point for the watch app if you need the phone. Additionally they took away integration with Google assistant so you cannot voice prompt to remote start or lock, etc. your vehicle. Needs work and support all around to get this to be what it should.

I'm seriously upset with the app. It worked the first 4 weeks if at all. I have the car now for almost two years and even that I tried multiple times to get it fixed, nobody seems to be interested to really help. The app still shows about 1000 miles, never worked with remote start etc, sometimes I'm lucky, and I can lock and unlock the car, but that's about it. I would have liked to actually use the app during the trial, but was never able too. Really frustrating!

This app is a big smelly trash can full of 💩. If you had big hopes of this app letting you do cool stuff like remotely start the climate control, locking/unlocking, and setting a charging schedule; prepare to have your hopes dashed. This app only connects to my EV about 10% to 20% of the time I open it to use it for these very basic functions. The previous app that I could use when I first got the car was a million times better, it was a very sad day when I was forced to switch to this app.

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