My Hero Academia: TSH-SEA is an exciting new chapter in the popular anime series. Set in a sea-themed world, the story follows young heroes as they navigate battles against powerful enemies and uncover secrets along the way. Fans can expect action-packed scenes, emotional character development, and stunning animation. The sea setting adds a unique twist to the series, introducing new challenges and opportunities for the characters to grow. Get ready to dive into a thrilling adventure with My Hero Academia: TSH-SEA!

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- 1000 gold, 5 diamonds, 2 rubies, 1 epic equipment, 200 resources, 100 gems, 50 money, 10 items, 5 equipment, 1 special item.

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- 20000 gold, 100 gems, $50, 20 diamonds, 500 resources, epic equipment, 10 rare items, 100 potions

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Hello Devs! The game is great. It has great graphics and unique gameplay. The things that I advice to the devs to change is.. the positioning of the words and letters on some parts, especially cutscenes. Second is when you start the game, it forces you to do tasks and fight without considering the player's own decisions. I hope that the player can click other buttons and not force them to click that task. Overall, the game is great and all of the advice is only my suggestion. Good luck!

The game is very fun to be played especially when you're a fan of the MHA. But the imbalance in some heroes' powers makes it a pay-to-win game. Being beaten by an enemy almost half of your team's power just because they have OP heroes is something very unfair. Also, no more varieties in the game after reaching higher levels. It becomes very repetitive. I hope these issues get resolved.

The game is good! Mobile friendly, not like other rpg. I'm not having freeze frames and the game is fast which is good. But the map. The map is huge, but it's not explorable. There are so many weird invisible walls placed on the map and you can't really explore. That's the only thing that bugs me to this gamez the invisible walls. That's my review, good game!

Definitely 4 star. The graphics, controls, and other things are good. The story is fine. The only complaint i have is the extreme unbalanced power on the "vs battle" . In some cases, there are bugs where even though the ultimate registered, the enemy wasn't there. Another is the choices of heroes like shota aizawa, endeavor, and momo. I am a little salty but there is little to no chance of beating them. Shota's extra dodge is one of the most broken things to ever included.sorry for inconvenience

Editing my review as I stop playing this game. To be honest, the game is fun to play especially when you've watched the anime. But as you reach the end game, you'll get tired of the repeatable quests and events that the game is providing. The graphics and visuals are good. However the character movements are sloppy especially when you're in the Open world. There are also some imbalances when it comes to the characters skills and strength especially all might. He's quite OP.

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A 3D action mobile RPG officially licensed and based on the animation

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