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I like that it imports instructions rather than sending you back online to the URL like other apps do. However, the organizing child be better, it's both limiting and over complicated. There is no way to see everything at once, nor sort or display in different ways (eg, list, multi column gallery, recent).

Great looking app. A bit too simple looking though. And the recipes what I don't like is you have to swipe through each step which is bothersome when cooking because I don't want to touch my phone with dirty hands nor do I want to wash my hands every time I need to swipe to the next step. But I love how you can just tap the shopping cart on each ingredient, that's really cool and I love the way it imports from the web because it looks really neat and tidy.

Absolutely love the app but I have a feature idea. To either make it like a website or a app that all Windows can download for those people that for example their phone's charging but they still want to put on recipes I can use it on the laptops.

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