Welcome to the Multi Surgery Hospital Games! Get ready to experience the thrill of performing various surgeries as a virtual doctor. Test your skills in this exciting game as you perform tasks such as appendectomies, heart surgeries, and more. Navigate through different levels, challenge yourself with complex cases, and save lives on the virtual operating table. With realistic graphics and engaging gameplay, the Multi Surgery Hospital Games provide an immersive experience for aspiring surgeons. Are you up to the challenge of becoming the ultimate virtual doctor? Play now and unleash your surgical skills in this adrenaline-pumping game!

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- 1st Place: $100, a new hospital wing, & 500 gems.

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- "Win 100, 50, 25, or 10 coins in Multi Surgery Hospital Games!"

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Multi Surgery Hospital Games

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9EQ3AVL7March 13, 2024
5IPON879LCFebruary 28, 2024
FWYRMX7UPMarch 29, 2024
3KNJGL8XEP2April 2, 2024
SJ5GBHX7Y9April 6, 2024
9IM4DO53March 12, 2024
XOBZ6RSVF4March 26, 2024
70W4G3F1KMarch 18, 2024

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Multi Surgery Hospital Games Review

Very nice game but there should be more levels as they are too small and are also less so that's why but otherwise the game is superb and the graphics are so real! I love this game....the second thing is that they allow us to do everything but in other games we have to just drag and drop on the position..... Very nice game keep it upπŸ€—

I like it, but some of things are absoluetly fake ....... Its educational it helps you learn more about surgeries ...... And when ever i try to complete the rest of the surgeries and i have good and strong wifi it says connection problem or no internet......πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜

This game sucks but not only that but the quality of the game was very dissapointing like I didn't even really get what the point of the game was!🀨 And if you somehow love adds this is one hundred percent for you and not only do they show up every second and not even minute when you enter the game THEY AREN'T EVEN A PUZZLE GAME!! Like what's the point if they say "We're a puzzle game" if there are literally no puzzles like huh??? Do not download (+they caused SOO many messages from mostly them)

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