Embark on an exhilarating journey with “Mountain Climber: Frozen Dream”. This gripping documentary brings you on a heart-pounding adventure as a courageous mountaineer takes on the challenges of scaling the frozen peaks. Witness their determination, courage, and love for the mountains as they face treacherous terrain, harsh weather, and unpredictable obstacles. Through breathtaking cinematography and intimate interviews, “Mountain Climber: Frozen Dream” captures the essence of the mountaineering spirit and leaves you inspired to conquer your dreams, no matter how icy the path may be. Are you ready for the ultimate frozen dream?

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- 10,000 gold, 5 diamonds, 3 rubies, 2 pieces of equipment, 100,000 money, 20 gems, 50 resources.

Code is hidden Get

- 10 gold, 5 gems, 100 money, 2 diamonds, 50 resources, 1 equipment, 3 items.

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vPWjRpxF756November 1, 2023
aYijDFygIG205November 9, 2023
rsf0VUg3y333November 15, 2023
gO3Bu9v7Kfa730October 2, 2023
4lQ5McnJuE622November 9, 2023

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This is a good game but after paying to remove the ads I feel cheated. The game is hard (which is a good thing) so you die often. You have a number of lives, if you lose them all you have the option to pay with a purchasable currency or watch an ad to resurrect, or you can stat the game all over again. In a game like this dying should be a learnig experience but here it feels like a cash grab. Why not remove the heart system entirely for paying customers? It would easily be a 5 star game.

It's celeste clone for Android which is very good. The game visuals, gameplay, soundtrack are great, the controls could be butter but it's playable. The only problem with this game is the annoying Adds just hundreds of the popping up will drive you mad and you will delete the game because of that. Update the game does not have a save system so you are forced to watch Adds which is a bad design. Overall I will not recommend anyone to play this game, unless you have Patience.

You could at least have said you were inspired by Celeste, man. I'm also getting some Undertale vibes in some aspects... It's not terrible, and I personally love the function to watch a video to see how to complete a level; this is something that could have been implemented in Celeste's assist mode... However I can't give more than 1 star until you either change the assets, or add a description of where you were inspired from. I know you put a lot of effort into it, but please be reasonable.

Are some of these assets not ripped directly from Celeste? The game is ok, but it is very short. The difficulty ramps up immediately without giving the player a chance to get used to the game. It is clearly designed to make money, by adding ridiculous timing right from the start (gravity when you're falling is way way too high), then making you either watch an ad or pay money to continue from where you died.

This is a great game and the controls are extremely simple. I really like this game but it really isn't adaptive to my screen size. My device is tall so it is not displaying the dialogue correctly for example. Otherwise, great effort! Keep up the good work developers!

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Run, jump and climb as you avoid lethal obstacles to reach the summit! - Fixed the problem of compatibility to some screens size.
- Small bug fixes.

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