Introducing Motor Hero, the ultimate app for all motorcycle lovers! Whether you’re a passionate rider or just a fan, Motor Hero is here to elevate your experience. With a comprehensive database of motorcycle models, you can explore and compare the latest and classic bikes. Stay updated with the latest news, reviews, and trends of the motorcycle industry. Plan your next road trip with the built-in route planner, ensuring you never miss a scenic route. Download Motor Hero now and ride like a true hero!

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- 50 gold, 200 gems, 5 diamonds, 10 rubies, 2 rare equipment, 1000 money, 50 resources, 3 powerful items, and 1 legendary equipment.

Code is hidden Get

- 100 gold, 50 gems, $500, 10 diamonds, 200 resources, rare helmet, potion, speed boost, 5 keys.

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mx3l6Sgr733October 19, 2023
hbPHWFqo4g628September 24, 2023
mWibzXRB7864September 22, 2023
3Mr6akxyQzT178November 7, 2023
th2fBH5vJC461November 17, 2023

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Motor Hero! Tier List

First of all, the game is way too repetetive, you see everything the game has to offer in less than a minute, but I guess that's how endless games are. One thing I dislike about the game is with each new bike you have to get more stars than before to unlock new bikes, which is a problem BECAUSE the game is so repetetive. If the price was constant, let's say, 200 stars, it wouldn't be so bad. Now, it's just grinding and grinding, and grinding... Another thing, if you jump over a platform, you don't get 2 points, only one, which makes jumping over platforms useless and the game unnecessarily harder. Bad design, in my opinion. Next, the share button freezes the phone for about a second which is not acceptable considering that it just opens a native Android menu. It should be instant. If you click on it accidentally, you have to wait. The look of the game is nothing exceptional, it's just OK. So, I wouldn't recommend the game, even if you just want to waste some time. Just read a book instead.

Great game. Ads aren't intrusive and its challenging enough to keep you playing. If I have a complaint, it that there isn't a reset button or a menu button, so if you get stuck in a crevice, you have to close the app and get back in. Other than that it's a great game

It's kind of like flappy bird but for driving. The controls are good and the different terrain elements are interesting, although a few are too hard I think. The unlock system is also good and keeps you playing for a while

it's an awesome experience I'd with this game. its totally fun and very interesting levels .but if all the bikes sound differently, it would be better.

Repeatative game. The ads of shopping sites give a bad feeling. Seeing products searched in the ads gives a bad feeling. I rather choose to uninstall this scary nightmare

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Ride your way to victory! Motor Hero!'s back with its much-awaited update:
- New bikes with tailor-made environments!
- More challenging obstacles!
- Improved difficulty tuning.
- Fixed data loss issue.

Hey everyone,
We're terribly sorry about the lost progress issue.
We're aware that majority got upset because of this; we totally feel you, guys.
Still, our team hopes that this new update can make up for the trouble.

Stay awesome!

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