Monsters & Puzzles: God Battle is an exciting mobile game that combines thrilling monster battles with brain-teasing puzzles. In this game, players must strategically solve puzzles to defeat powerful monsters and progress through various challenging levels. With stunning graphics and an immersive storyline, Monsters & Puzzles: God Battle offers a unique gaming experience that will keep players engaged for hours. Test your skills, collect epic monsters, and embark on an epic adventure in this captivating world of strategic battles and mind-bending puzzles. Are you ready to take on the challenge?

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- Earn 100 gold, 5 gems, and 2 energy potions! Battle on!

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- Win a gold staff, 50 diamonds, potion, and enchanted relic!

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Monsters & Puzzles: God Battle

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VY8EIBD3April 11, 2024
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1YPX7UV3CMarch 19, 2024
WAQ4KZ3IV1LMarch 29, 2024
09V1I4Y7GJMarch 27, 2024
M35CV72EApril 14, 2024
UFJ8C6EGMQApril 26, 2024
C10E9MJDUMarch 13, 2024

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Monsters & Puzzles: God Battle Review

Boring, too many ads to buy stuff on screen at all times, the main focal point (battling using puzzles) is super rigged beyond imagination and frankly boring. Lots of features that don't matter since it's all about power level not skill, so the puzzle might as well be an idle battler and it'd be no different. When starting, you'll see either the loading screen, or have shiny sparkling ad bubbles to spend money on screen more than the gameplay itself.

Cool monster design, fast paced level progression, and, at least so far in the early game, it has fair and graciously gives you and allows you to earn the multiple in-game currencies! In addition to all of those praises, the games fighting mechanics, and the design of the pieces, what they do and their functionality in the battle system is phenomenal! An awesome puzzle battling game I'd recommend!

Every now and then, you stumble upon a great game where developers considered all aspects of Gameplay - making the game fun and exciting. This is NOT that game - it is the complete opposite, and probably the worst puzzle game I've ever played. The AWFUL looped battle music starts becoming like nails on a chalkboard. Gameplay consists of the players matching 3 Gems and then spend 30 seconds watching AI perform combos. What a rip-off piece of junk this game is. Uninstalled.

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