The Dragon Chronicles is an epic tale of bravery, magic, and adventure set in a world where dragons rule the skies. Follow young heroes as they embark on a quest to save their kingdom from the clutches of a powerful dragon lord. With their newfound abilities and allies, they must face treacherous landscapes, formidable foes, and ancient prophecies. Will they be able to harness the power of the dragons and fulfill their destiny? Dive into the Dragon Chronicles and immerse yourself in a world filled with danger, heroism, and mythical creatures.

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I really enjoy the gameplay and strategy. It actually has you using more cards than your "main." My biggest issue, and the reason I rate it low, is logging in. I can't stay logged in and when I try to log in it almost always takes several attempts because the game will reboot instead of logging in. Today I'm uninstalling because I haven't been able to log in at all, it's just an infinite loop of hitting "login" and then getting the opening "nyou" splash screen before having to hit login again

Easily the best visual style of any game I've even played. It's just too good. Easily the longest and most boring unskippable tutorial that I've ever come across. People who play these games can do so with their eyes closed. Implementing this useless tutorial just cuts off your customer base and pisses them off. I'm trying to complete it on and off for a week already.

There's a bug at the beginning where even if you download the extra content it keeps telling you there's an error and you have to keep redownloading it. The error message does not go away until you chnage it in settings but you can only do that once the tutorial is over. It really ruins the starting experience

The Android sandbox is excellently designed. It allows apps to load all of the assets they could possibly ever need, but only within their own space, without giving them carte blanche to mess with all your files. It also ensures that when you delete it, all those files go with it. The only reasons a game could ever have to demand access outside it are either malicious or incompetent. Either way, letting them have free run of your files is a terrible idea. Always 1 star.

This game is one of the best TCG I have seen. The mechanics are easy to pick up, the art on the cards is amazing, and there is a depth of strategy that I have only just begun to scratch. Definitely a game for people that like to have well thought out decks and dont want to have to pay out the ass for anything. They are very generous with free stuff as well and you will get several boosters at the start, which means each persons deck will be different because of it. Looking forward to more!

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Epic! Brilliant design all around!A perfect mix of cards, skills, and strategy. • 2 new SSS+ cards added.
• New events and packages added.
• Improvements and bugfixes.

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