Monster Battle 2 is an RPG recreation about monster educating and monster battle. Buy beautiful pets comparable to dragons and fairy monsters. Struggle in PVP, real-time actions, and extra on the journey. Because of the sequent model of Pet Alliance, it’s launched with appreciable enhancements in gameplay, graphic design, and the addition of the latest decisions. What’s additional, now you, in all probability, can compete with trainers from all around the world!

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F5gdVRxxxxx Get

- Gold x8437K, Gems x748, Coins x48579

D2c4mdxxxxx Get

- Diamonds x354, Money x71265, Resources x8342K

Monster Clash 2 Codes

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Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
jt3XKLeuJ07May 29, 2023130
tEp3SjeFJsBxMay 18, 2023860
MV0dfXPLowMay 18, 2023978
MjDS3FH9TUgMay 29, 2023752
kY0aeIKAldiJune 16, 2023851

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This is my third server of playing pet Alliance, it's fun and a good time killer However with this newest update there are some things that I'm not a big fan of. It's become a lot more difficult to get some items which I find really annoying. The inability to do multiple searches without becoming a VIP1 is in a way rude. I hate playing games that make it either impossible or really difficult to enjoy without spending money. I do like some of the new things but still... I hope this changes.

To me it's a great game, I don't pay to advance, I like to push on and grow with time, amongst the many rpg games out there to me, this one is worth it. I played it back in 2006 and for a while I couldn't access it again due to downgrading to a device that couldn't handle the connection and froze continuously... So happy to be able to play it again now, I remember it as it was and have found its under new management now, I look forward to the same gameplay as before

The game gives a hard beginning, where you have to depend on luck just to get trough. Not to mention the cost to power up. You have to level up, enhance or level up skill. And all of those only give little stats except the enhance. The enhance requires a lot of cost. So the game is nothing more than a hard battle simulator with luck as the only way to win.

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Monster Clash 2 is a Magical and epic RPG game about monster training and battle 1. Optimize the game
2. New pets added

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