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- 10,000 gold, 5 diamonds, 50 rubies, 2 powerful equipment, 100 gems, 1,000,000 money, 20 valuable items, 500 resources.

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- 100 gold, 50 gems, $10, 20 diamonds, 500 resources, epic equipment, 5 valuable items.

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LHewTB4E830November 10, 2023
tLJpURrqNa278November 12, 2023
iQBUCpIYZ372October 25, 2023
fdo1eqBGQh4217September 26, 2023
FZqxkpN391567November 5, 2023

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It's a nice game but still has lots of bugs. It's like a copy paste of Metin2. You can make some improvements to it, it would be really helpful a map and you can add more servers, As I see there is only a Turkish server. And more missions would be helpful as well

They added more channels, overall good experience but for someone that doesn't want to pay for playing is very disappointing that offline shops are only for players that will buy that option in item shop. You expect me to have phone online 24/7 when the game crashes randomly every 30-60mins? Impossible to sell any items so its very hard to gain any money to even upgrade a weapon. #offlineshops for everybody or possibility to open the standard one in the town, m1! Thanks.

We need more servers or channels or grow the capacity of players on the actual channels because there are lots of players who want to invest money in the game and play the game. I cant wait to actualy be able to play it. You added 3 more chanels but still i cant play. Full everytime of the day

Horrific....don't waste your time with this game,full of bugs,the server is more offline than is online,you get kicked out every minute...long story short game doesn't even deserve a star!

Not recommending this game, channels are full can't even join the game or create a character, waste of space on my phone, might come back to it some day if it's gonna work properly.

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Eastern Action MMORPG! Quality Updates

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ميني سو MINISO

Coupons - September 26, 2023

MINISO هي سلسلة متاجر عالمية لبيع المنتجات المنزلية والمستهلكة بأسعار معقولة. تأسست في اليابان عام 2013 واشتهرت بتصميماتها البسيطة والعصرية. تقدم MINISO تشكيلة...

Car Jam – Parking Jam Game

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도깨비 키우기 : 방치형 게임

VIP - September 26, 2023

“도깨비 키우기: 방치형 게임”은 한국의 인기 도깨비 캐릭터를 키우고 진화시키는 게임입니다. 플레이어들은 도깨비의 성장과 발전을 도와야 하며, 일정 시간이 지나면 자동으로 수집된 리소스를...

Home Design Makeover

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