Mission Massive Migration – Joe’s spaceship was unexpectedly shot down, thus, it was not possible to continue the expedition further, so the main character simply landed on an alien planet. You must support this astronaut, and also help him gather resources in order to restore the ship before the attack of local creatures begins.

Before you is a classic platformer that has many generated levels, pixel retro graphics, and also unique echoes of the action, where it is important to shoot at everything that moves, exploding some of the locations along the way. The action is so exciting that it is impossible to stop!

Active Mission Massive Migration VIP Codes

TOZMbFxxxxx Get

- Gold x4569K, Gems x576, Coins x89512

7R9J6qxxxxx Get

- Diamonds x672, Money x24167, Resources x7128K

Mission Massive Migration Codes

List of Mission Massive Migration Codes

Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
09NEphwQemJMay 29, 2023349
DwYiqxsTRCXfJuly 13, 2023731
Xr3R4ENFaQJune 23, 2023775
pSPshixJvdCJune 22, 2023273
fcDt86d9WOmJune 23, 2023133

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Mission Massive Migration Tier List

Not a bad retro metroid type game... only one complaint from is that there is not much to the game, very short store. Finished in about 20 minutes... would be a lot better if there was more to it then 4 levels. Overall not a bad start to what could be a great game.

Awesome, awesome game. Having a hard time unlocking that bonus level but still gonna keep trying. Great job dev.

only downside is there should be a next part. managed to beat it, loved it, wish there had been some more to it.

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Mission Massive Migration Wiki

Blast your way through an alien planet full of hostile inhabitants. Improved graphics
Improved player movement and jumping
Added dying animation
Added jumping and falling animations
Added laser doors flickering
Changed bullet color
Added credits screen
Added new music
Added notification on collectibles
Disabled back button to prevent unwanted exits
Removed useless "dodge asteroids" stage at the end
Corrected orthographic errors
General bugfixes

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