Mini Trucker is the ultimate truck simulator game that brings all the excitement and challenges of the open road right to your fingertips. In this immersive game, you’ll take on the role of a mini trucker, navigating through various terrains, delivering cargo, and conquering treacherous obstacles. With realistic graphics and in-depth gameplay, you’ll feel like you’re really behind the wheel of these powerful machines. Whether you’re a truck enthusiast or just looking for a thrilling gaming experience, Mini Trucker is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end.

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This is one of the best games ive ever played, it has good graphics, good controls, and overall it is extremely realistic in ABS, all wheel drive, low gear, and differential lock. The vehicles get lower and more sluggish as they get heavier. I love not being forced to watch ads and that i can watch ads for bail money when low on money and a small multiplier of extra money when i drop off cargo. This is the kind of game that i would play for a long time. Nice job.

It seems like it could be a fun game having a massive map with a bunch of different things to balance which would make it challenging. However it is extremely slow and laggy on older devices. I'm on a Galaxy S5 and I can only pick a way to go and drive once I get to the destination and pick where to go from there the game will crash if it loads the next road at all. I dealt with it far enough to get to the coal mine and once I picked up the coal it would crash before it could even load the map.

I usually dont leave reviews, but I love this game. It reminds me of Hill Climb, but you have objectives to keep it from getting boring. As far as ads go, the developer hit the nail on the head. More games should take a lesson from this. You dont see ads unless you WANT to. If you carry a load and want to make a little more money, watch an ad. Break your truck and dont want to pay to fix it, watch an ad, but theyre never forced on you. I will delete any app after the first forced ad. Thanks!

Very promising! I was anticipating something like Railroad Tycoon, but the addition of driving the truck instead of just high level route management is cool. First time players will need more guidance for their first load. The only thing available in my starting city was garbage. I loaded the default truck to the max (4.8 tons), took a while to locate the destination that would import trash, but then the drive was very challenging. Maybe too much weight? But I got there after two refuels.

Tutorial was quite complicated, I had to reset it to get a general idea of the game. Fuel consumption is so high you can't even make it to a destination without running out, then the cost of fuel bankrupts you before you ever earn money. While driving you get stuck constantly and the "differential" controls don't even make a difference for getting you out of tight spots.

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