Mine Rescue is an exciting mining game that takes players on a thrilling adventure underground. In this game, players take on the role of a rescue worker who must navigate dangerous tunnels and rescue trapped miners. With realistic graphics and challenging gameplay, Mine Rescue offers a unique experience for gamers who enjoy action-packed adventures. Explore different mines, solve puzzles, and use special tools to overcome obstacles. Will you be able to save the day and bring everyone back to the surface safely? Play Mine Rescue and find out!

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i27GjrOP545December 22, 2023
64vJGFhqsu387December 23, 2023
NGfzo7ueg121December 16, 2023
OHJgjIWp05r682November 26, 2023
H3AS5DqY1U690January 17, 2024

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Updates = glitches I used to play this all the time and loved it. When I got my new phone, it downloaded the updated version. I don't like how it forces you to decorate your cave. In the old version it was optional. It's just another way to force you to watch ads. The updates also have a lot of glitches with the character and environment. For example, in cobalt mine 18, when the character gets off the last ladder, he walks sideways and therefore can't get up the exit rise so you can't finish.

I love this little game. I've downloaded it on 3 devices so far. I do have one issue, though. There are many times when my little miner gets stuck or just straight-up dies when he shouldn't. This is when I have to use a hint because it's the only way to exit the mine. (I don't like skipping levels). I mean, I did everything exactly like the hint drew out, but I get stuck or die. It's not enough to put me off the game, however. lol And an expansion pack would be FABULOUS!!

Very fun and addicting game, but very buggy at times. The character sometimes gets stuck and won't move... for example, when going off an edge, he stands at an angle on the very edge and looks both directions. I have to restart the level to resolve. Right now I'm on 13-13 and when he steps into the small boulder, he starts glitching. He is shaking and looking around crazy fast.

This game is very relaxing and at the same time, challenging to get the miners to pass the obstacles and exit the mine. I had no problem with any glitches and look forward to continue advancing to new levels. Only suggestion would be to work on is in the cave. I have upgraded all the levels and furniture. Now I have nothing to spend the earningd and rewards on.

Decently entertaining. I like how basic the game is. I don't feel overwhelmed when I open it. I thought it was glitchy but then I play with the hint and realized it was just very particular on how you move the surroundings. Sometimes my fat fingers can't shave small so I wish there was a selection like using the pen option when drawing on a picture in photo edit. I find it fun, I like that I don't need to spend money to progress and ads are short and skipable. Simple challenging game. Well done

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