Mine Quest 2 is an exciting RPG mining game that takes you on an epic adventure underground. Dig deep into the earth, mine valuable resources, and craft powerful tools and weapons. Battle dangerous creatures and uncover hidden treasures as you explore countless mines in search of rare elements. Upgrade your mining skills and unlock new abilities to become the ultimate miner. With stunning graphics, challenging gameplay, and a captivating storyline, Mine Quest 2 will keep you entertained for hours. Grab your pickaxe and get ready for the mining adventure of a lifetime.

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wlHWaEh3497December 13, 2023
CyXswx1bva982December 12, 2023
uFC5KLGkU128January 23, 2024
VImch4lMCgW397January 9, 2024
yR5npEdHl3588December 15, 2023

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Mine Quest 2: RPG Mining Game Tier List

Pretty good for a the couple hours I've played. There is a menu button that freezes the game. The recipes take forever to collect which is what it is. It's a grinding game. I spent the 6 bucks for the starter stuff and bought a few pieces of 2-3 star gear. Without it, I can see the beginning being very frustrating. I like their elemental triangles for combat, it gives you chances to build interesting sets. Just wish it didn't have the freezing menu.

Fun game but every time you come back to the home screen, it's an ad. Go to your forge for 2 seconds to check on progress? Ad when you return. Go to the town to see what's there? Ad when you return. Try to start a level but have to sell something before you can go? Ad when you sell and ad when you finish the level. It's about 1/4 of the total time in the game spent watching ads. There is no ad-free version? Unacceptable. M

For $6 you get a pretty great start to the game. The remove ads feature does not work. I still have to watch them. I would love a double loot at end of level cause energy runs out insanely fast.Chestdrop 1-5 pieces of an item and even if you get a full blueprint you still have to farm the stuff to make it. Later maps are random hopes of the boss spawning next to you so you can just rush the boss and leave to build up levels to get extra health. It's simple and fun to play.

I am really enjoying this game, but there are some seriously pervasive bugs that I keep running into. The most prevalent one is when the game's audio is disabled after ad breaks, and cannot be restored by any of the menu options. The only thing that seems to work (only sometimes) is by toggling the mute/unmute option during the ads themselves. The second issue happens whenever I tap my avatar portrait while the character tab is open. It causes a blank dialogue window to appear that is far from

I wish that the journal in the game had a function like giving a description of the items you find or their uses instead of just saying you discovered it. It would be nice to know what ingredients come from which enemies for example. The game is fun but at a certain point you have to play the beginning levels dozens upon dozens of times to try and upgrade an item.

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