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Mileage Tracker by Driversnote

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How to redeem Mileage Tracker by Driversnote codes?

To redeem coupon for Mileage Tracker by Driversnote, open app, go to settings, choose 'redeem coupon', enter code, and enjoy discounted premium features for accurate mileage tracking.

Mileage Tracker by Driversnote Coupon reviews

I have been using the free version of this app and I like that I don't have to think about turning it on every time I start because I'm bad at remembering. I wish there was a way to edit individual completed trips. I was looking into the paid subscription, but feel the $12 is more than I want to pay as I don't want or need the iBeacon. I would indeed pay for a cheaper app only version, Please look into this. Thank You.

This is a simple program that is relatively easy to operate. It's not always accurate, but it's better than Google maps as far as accuracy. It's an okay option for individual business use, but it is not useful for family mileage. To get anything useful beyond basic mileage and cost, you need the premium version, which I don't think is worth paying for. It doesn't provide enough value to make the premium version worthwhile.

If you're comfortable doing this manually, continue to do so. It's buggy as hell sometimes, and doesn't log trips very well which leads to this being a trip micromanaging app. I have to force it to stop often so that I can do basic operations in the app because of UI errors/bugs. You can't split or modify current/recent trips, and sometimes doesn't offer enough possible routes on manual entries. You have to pay like 12USD/month for the extended use of the reports feature. It's "meh" at best.

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