Attack of the Meteors is an entertaining arcade game in which you will control a huge asteroid that burst into the earth’s atmosphere. Your task is to inflict as much damage on the planet as possible, destroy large and small cities, destroy sights to the ground. The more damage a meteorite does, the more powerful it becomes. Choose targets, attack them and smash them to smithereens, leaving only ruins behind. Go through the levels and check if you have the strength and spirit to destroy the entire Earth. The game received an extraordinary gameplay, nice visual design and many exciting levels.

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1xMn4lH5PZe October 22, 2022 639
wnTfHsG2q1ir November 16, 2022 418
iHJhkmdpwF October 15, 2022 685
NrVmOjpQKW2 November 11, 2022 648
SXVlUYkxRFh November 10, 2022 197

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Keeps crashing and it makes you start over on certain map when you get the alien cube. It sucks, there are too many ads, it's maybe 3 hours of entertainment before the game stops working. I deleted my data, my cache, and uninstalled the app twice. Crashes at the same time same place even when you start over. Don't waste your time and especially don't do it without ads because it will crash.

good if you want a quick game, but it's very redundant, even though the scenery and the meteors have different options, it just feels like the same game the whole time you're playing. no matter what objects you're trying to destroy. if you want to make the game more fun, you need to watch ads for every upgrade that you want. and when I tell you they bombard you with these video ads for little bonuses or upgrades, it's not worth your time. the graphics are pretty good.

It's practically impossible to get 100% damage. You're supposed to be able to steer it towards different parts of the city but it hardly moves, so you end up wasting follow up asteroids in or near the same spot! Not to mention the destruction isn't realistic but could've been a fun game anyway if it actually worked like it was meant to(?) It also keeps crashing when you get to a certain level of the game making it unplayable. Needs better graphics, greater detail, more control & more locations.

I am not trying to be hyperbolic, here: in two minutes of playing, nearly a full minute was ads. There's one 30-second ad after every 45-second level. Then there's options to watch ads for retrys, for bonus coins, for free upgrades, for extra xp--it is absolutely ludicrous. How anyone can stomach it for more than five minutes is beyond me. It is absolutely unplayable.

It's kind of fun, but it keeps crashing, and not in the way intended. I'm stuck on a level in Rome, we're after the meteor hits, it never progresses further. If you can fix that bug, and get rid of some of the ads. I will give you a better rating. I understand that you need to make money on these, but too many ads ruined the game play and causes less people to play

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Name Meteors Attack!
Version 1.1.1
Price FREE
Rating 4.1 (44481 ratings)
Category Codes
Update October 5, 2022
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