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Messenger SMS – Text Messages Coupon reviews

I really really really want to like this app but im having so many issues out the gate. The theme store (or any of the stores) aeenr working for me. It wont let me delete messages. And ever since i started using it i keep getting warnings that too much memory is being used. Im so bummed bcuz i love to be able to customize to the extreme and this app potentially offers that, and tons of themes to choose from plus you can literally use any font you choose, but too many bugs):

Awful just awful and I pay for this app. I am unable to reply through the chat head and the see who's calling feature says the same thing for everyone private caller even though it's not a private number. It's a waste of time and money. Once this months billing cycle is up I'm deleting and never looking back

Still working on trying to figure out which one I should stick with! There's too many of them! Besides that darn phone won't stay with one it's got to change all the time,,, back and forth back and forth!

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