Merge World Above Magic Puzzle is an exciting and addictive puzzle game that combines merging and magic. In this game, players are tasked with merging different elements to create powerful spells and save the world from impending doom. The graphics are stunning and the gameplay is smooth, providing hours of entertainment and challenges. With each level, players unlock new spells and upgrade their magical abilities. So, dive into the world of Merge World Above Magic Puzzle and harness the power of magic to restore peace and restore balance.

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sbRl5GQS862January 5, 2024
dWabyVqkph241December 2, 2023
CrLKS8mqZ683January 18, 2024
6pm3WslGJIv458December 17, 2023
rwHThgPe2o260December 26, 2023

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Merge games are by far my favorite, this one takes the cake though because it has weather changes that bring different items and options whole happening. The graphics are adorable, it's challenging in a way that doesn't make me give up. The best part though is that advertisements are by choice!! Thank you all so much for making and maintaining this game. I wish events were a little easier, but I'm not very good at games so that might just be me.

Love the games so far, especially being able to hold the phone upright or rather in portrait mode. Makes it much easier on the hands. So far though I have encountered a glitch with one of the settings, the one i turned on was the confirm click one, just in case i accidentally hit an item i don't want to obtain or hit yet due to wanting to merge. Tested it out on a n energy but it just used it right away, didn't ask to confirm to use. Will update to let know if I find anything else. ~Thank You~

I started the game right when the spring event happened, which was terrible, because you can't opt out and you have hardly any space for the regular stuff. When I physically could not fit any more stuff, I just waited for the event to end. Waste of time, I just logged in to find that the event was over but the flowers wouldn't leave. Fun game otherwise, but there's a thousand like it, and a glitch like this means instant uninstall.

Played for a long time (my phone says 277 hours) over many months, just opened the game today and it was starting fresh. Thought if I connected to my Play account it would restore, but it didn't. Game didn't check for other saves either (like sometimes it'll show you a new save and an older one and you can choose between them) and it can't connect to Facebook for some reason. Edited: great, NOW it gives me that choice, but only from the zero-progress attempts I've made just now.

When the wind blows you can barely catch any of the things!!! Same with the stars. It would be more fun to catch them all, even if it stops when the board is all full. Get rid of the Earl character, it's distracting and annoying. I tried it and found no extra value to his decrees. At times with the mirror image you can sell it for 20 coins and at times not. Better if you could all the time, because to Destroy is negative, or watch it disappear. Even if it were a 1 coin sale.

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Help the dragons save the world from the invaders! Adventures await you! Other improvements and bug fixes

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