Merge Sink Battle Master is an epic mobile game that combines strategy, action, and adventure into one thrilling experience. As the captain of your own battle fleet, your objective is to merge and upgrade various ships in order to create the ultimate armada. Engage in exhilarating battles against formidable enemies and prove your tactical prowess on the open seas. With stunning graphics, intense gameplay, and a wide range of ships to unlock, Merge Sink Battle Master guarantees hours of immersive gameplay. Are you ready to become the ultimate battle master?

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HbIdQBYl818December 18, 2023
W0EpMBauhN733December 20, 2023
S8YinBy3J506November 24, 2023
wgQ5kh8ulB2407December 8, 2023
k7uyvhSWrq931December 13, 2023

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This is bad game that I ever played because I cannot merge the toilets and the spekerman / camraman :( . Please fix it! :(

youre only helping the developer to make money and get rich by watching their stupud ads..and im telling you there is one in every minute

It's not a good game. It's not an action game. It's a pretty poor merge game with ads shoved down your throat. But the graphics are kinda funny so 5 stars. please tell me this will let me leave I've been here for weeks help

Game like this I like/love because can control with single hand only...

It was good but to many adds i love it not the adds

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Merge & evolve toilet monsters to become a merge master in sink games battle!

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