Merge Spaceship: Starfield is an exciting and addictive mobile game that takes you on a space adventure like never before. Merge and upgrade different spaceships to create your own powerful fleet. Explore the vast starfield, complete challenging missions, and discover new galaxies as you progress. Engage in epic battles and conquer enemy spaceships to become the ultimate space commander. With stunning graphics and smooth gameplay, Merge Spaceship: Starfield promises to keep you entertained for hours. Get ready to set out on an intergalactic journey and merge your way to victory!

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MRK3kI6it595January 5, 2024
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kzrP86ZiA9238December 28, 2023

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Merging spaceships is really good but I went to the town and its terrible all you have is symbols everywhere so have no idea what you are upgrading and have to either watch an ad to get exclamation boxes or destroy them to avoid getting an ad but when you do you're promptly slapped with an ad so it's only worth 2 stars in my opinion

I purchased a £1 deal which included no advertisements but this was not so. The deal also was still available after purchasing so I thought I did not purchase it so I did this again. Because I did not get the main thing I purchased the deal for I requested refund on both. Also I cannot change my name in the game as the apply button does not work. If developer fixes this I might reconsider but for now this is a no go.

Too many ads just from sitting on screen, not even from interactions. Reduces amount of enjoyment.

Pretty cool typical Merger type with spaceship style. However, can't change Username, I enter a name & it never takes. Never says why. Also be warned the packages for ship & diamonds + No ad, kind of a misleading trap. You'll get the ship, diamonds & boxes but there is no elimination of Ads. The banner might go away but you still have to watch Ads for buffs. Even the wheel spin doesn't give you a free daily without watching an Ad.

Pretty good game just wish there wasn't an ad very few minute, it would be nice if there was an ad warning or something

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Merge planes to fight space invaders in the interstellar idle space game! Minor bugfixes

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