Merge Hooks is a versatile feature that allows developers to combine multiple pieces of code into a single unit. With Merge Hooks, you can easily merge different branches, branches and tags, or even multiple tags, making code integration a breeze. This powerful tool enables seamless collaboration among software developers, reducing conflicts and ensuring smooth integration of changes. By simplifying the code merging process, Merge Hooks enhances productivity, improves version control, and streamlines the software development workflow. Experience the benefits of Merge Hooks and streamline your code integration process today.

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- 100 gold, 50 gems, 3 rubies, 5 diamonds, 2 equipment, 2000 money, 10 resources, 1 item, 20 gold, 2 gems, 1 diamond.

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- 250 gold, 50 gems, $100, 10 diamonds, 200 resources, powerful sword, healing potion, rare amulet.

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GjYpW46h212October 30, 2023
i8TXF6jSBE587September 25, 2023
ythPbHQGN466September 27, 2023
mAinb1V7Sgw967October 19, 2023
dxp3frgyBK361November 9, 2023

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When I first got the game, it played wonderfully. The concept was straightforward and actually kinda fun, played it for like, an hour straight with only minimal ads here and there, but after this most recent update? I had to earn coins to buy spots I already unlocked, and now, whenever I play 1-2 levels, I get an "ad break" and it still happens if I decided to watch an ad for a boost at the end of the level. Overall, it was fun once, now its not.

It is like they took 2 or 3 "so-so" games and tried to merge (no pun intended) them all together, and the result was this fairly repetitive, basically "meh" game. Sorta fun for a brief while, but pretty quickly, you're asking yourself "is this thing worth the space it's taking up?" Many unanswered questions. What is a level 10 hook going to be able to do that the level 9 could not? Seems to be as much about how the app decides to place the vehicles, as Anything. Repetitive. Lots of ads.

I get the need for ads to start development of apps and games. What I dont get is when I watch so many ads that I play the game for less time than it takes to watch all the ads. In five minutes of having this app open, I'll get through three whole levels and have watch six or seven videos. Games like this are a complete waste of time, resources, and mental capacity.

Removed the dang ad breaks after every throw. Shouldn't have to buy ad remove for stupid ad breaks. If ur game is good enough to spend money there should be other ways.

This is a really fun time waster of a merge game, but I literally can't play anymore. The game just stops working when I try to progress the level. I can still merge, watch ads and move the pieces around the grid but nothing fires, it just sits stationary after I hit the throw button. I don't want to give a low rating cause the game was fun while I could play, but since I can't play it get three stars.

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