Mega Tower is an addictive casual TD (tower defense) game that will keep you entertained for hours. In this fast-paced game, your task is to defend your base from waves of enemy attacks by strategically placing different types of towers along the path. Each tower has unique abilities, allowing you to create powerful combinations and combos. With stunning graphics and challenging levels, Mega Tower is a must-play game for TD enthusiasts. Download now and embark on an epic tower defense adventure!

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This game was great and I've played for over a year but all of a sudden I lost all my progress and alive tried binding to different accounts and uninstalling and reinstalling to no avail But when I did the have the game it was amazing and I've spent numerous hours playing. Rotating bosses, mini games, mining field, shop were all great. There was never a time we're you didn't have anything to do. If I can get some support and restore my progress and/or purchases I would really appreciate it

A TD with good progression (at the beginning), merge mechanics, loads of unlocks & frantic action. I thought ads were only when you wanted to multiply rewards or bend time, but they started popping up randomly. There's a "retro arcade" section that doesn't seem to fit the theme. I also think the rewards are too scattered in different menus, which can be a little annoying. There's a lot going on in this universe with little to no explanation. Quantity doesn't mean quality.

I like this game so far. It looks like the ad I've seen for it, and in a world of false advertising it's very welcome sight. The rewards are generous and easy to obtain. Leveling up is fun rather than strenuous. It might be the best tower defense game I've ever played for mobile. EDIT – Sound disappears after watching an ad with headphones. This problem does not happen without headphones but it requires a game restart to fix.

Good idea, but there are some big issues. No explanation of how to play, whatsoever. Nearly lost the opening level because I thought the tower would shoot automatically. And once I figured out I had to tap the enemies one by one, targeting was less than precise. But my biggest issue is that watching ads for resources and currency is worthless. The ads lock you in and do not allow you to return to the game. So essentially, you have to exit the whole program and get nothing. Wasted of time.

If you like tower defense, you'll like this game. Downsides is the game can be very expensive if you want to progress quickly. But if you're in it for the long-haul, it should be fine. Performance (in battles) could be better; even with all the graphic options turned off it chugs on my Pixel 3a. Hopefully they can improve performance with future updates.

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