Medieval: Idle Tycoon Game takes players on a journey back in time to the medieval era. As a tycoon, you must build and manage your kingdom, expanding territories, constructing buildings, and recruiting loyal subjects. The game offers a unique blend of idle gameplay and strategic decision-making. Upgrade your resources, research new technologies, and wage war against rival kingdoms. With stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, Medieval: Idle Tycoon Game provides an authentic medieval experience right at your fingertips. Can you build the greatest kingdom in history and become the ultimate medieval tycoon?

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- 1000 gold, 5 diamonds, 2 rubies, 3 pieces of equipment, 2000 coins, 10 gems, 50 resources, and 1 platinum.

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- 500 gold, 200 gems, 1000 coins, 10 diamonds, 50 wood, steel sword, health potion, leather armor.

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4MlGVSE9405September 29, 2023
2kZuA3xNtR710November 16, 2023
Ky0V8DRUi911October 11, 2023
Yt0Rn7HUch3772October 25, 2023
zQy4N0qjv5130September 30, 2023

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Medieval: Idle Tycoon Game Tier List

I think this works just fine for the video game model it's using. The problem is that there are tons of games that do the same thing but better. The main advantage for this is the aesthetic, but that wears off pretty quickly; a building gets an extra window after a couple hours of investment. I think if you invested more into your graphics and art team and made the buildings change how they look more often and more significantly, this could be a very satisfying game to play. It's too stagnant.

Not a bad time killer but I could use a little more. It's really repetitive with not a lot to look forward to. Maybe add a boss fight for curse cleansing, or some kind of bonus level for getting buildings to a certain levels. or maybe require so many taps to get a different resource to upgrade buildings to higher levels. graphics are great though. Overall, not bad.

Very good idle game but there is not much more than that, the landscape and castle changes every 5 resets. You dont need to buy anything, you can just wait overnight and you're ready to move on. As it stands right now the growth and rate of income is absolutely perfect. All it needs is more content just as other reviews suggested, less leveling in between building growth.

Unique game to the tycoon era. still follows the basic context of buying upgrades. But, the difference is imo the reward system. you get a reward for reaching a certain amount as well as a bonus gold coin at each lvl 25. on top of that the x4 and etc. effect as well as all other tabs are pop ups no more switching screens everything you need is on one. which i find Very helpful. For Now this is a 5 star early review. will see how the game progresses and if my review will remain a 5 or be cut down.

It's alright. Was able to unlock all the buildings really quickly, so any sense of accomplishment or something to work towards was gone after the first day or two for me. Now it is just spending money to make more money, then eventually move to new land and start again. Other than moving to new land and upgrades to existing buildings, there isn't really anything to unlock. Oh, also, hope you enjoy watching ads, because you have to for almost everything in this (unless you want to pay money).

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Medieval: Idle Tycoon Game Wiki

Tap, get idle profits, build town, rule the world! Become Empire Tycoon! **🧝 NEW BIG FEATURE - ELVEN VILLAGE! 🧝**
Build Elven Village, upgrade it, gather resources and buy bonuses!

- Few bug fixes :)

Thank you for playing Idle Medieval Tycoon! Best of idle games!
Enjoy empire building! 👑🏰

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