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MaxPreps: High School Sports Reviews

MaxPreps... Love the new MaxPreps shorts feature, awesome. Updates have been really good. One of the best if not the best high school sports apps out there. Still hoping to see more than 16 team limit for favorites. The app is overall good but would love to have the option for more teams. It really makes sense. Continue updates & design improvements for a better customer experience....

Ok, at first I didn't want the app, but it has made live scoring and keeping tabs on my teams a lot easier. My phone has technical issues sometimes, so the app keeps tabs where I was. Would be nice if I could edit live scores, in multiple quarters. I had a technical issue that didn't switch quarters and continued scoring in the previous quarter, but the score was correct overall.

Get to the game, version completely updated and there is NO WAY to check in. It is nowhere to be found. Garbage you make this change on game day! Finally get in after the drop-down in score tracker appeared to score. App locks up and I have to swipe it away many times. 4th quarter and now the drop-down to continue scoring refuses to drop down. Trash app!

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