Match Tile 3D – Triple Puzzle is an exciting and challenging puzzle game that will test your matching skills. The game features a variety of colorful and unique tiles that you need to match together in order to clear the board and advance to the next level. With its simple and intuitive controls, Match Tile 3D provides hours of addictive gameplay for players of all ages. Can you solve every puzzle and become the ultimate tile matching master? Play now and find out!

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Match Tile 3D – Triple Puzzle Tier List

Curious why the game has suddenly changed. Every level has just a few dozen items that can be quickly cleared. There is no challenge whatsoever. What happened?! Lowering my rating again. The game became unplayable this week. It went from a fun, challenging daily activity to a repetitive, boring, pointless trudge. Not playing again until something gets fixed.

Love this game. I have both match games by this company and love them both. I do have a couple complaints that took my review down to 4 stars. The amount of ads is insane. Between levels should suffice, not 4 or 5 during that one board. I did break down and pay for no ads, but it was definitely higher than what I paid for the other game, which was I think $1.99 compared to $5.99 for this one. But that's it. Great game. Smooth play. Great graphics. One suggestion: Make holiday boards.

The game is fun. Even a little addictive. But too many ads. 5-6 per level, while your in the middle of playing. Then a couple more in between levels. It's beyond annoying when you spot 3 matched items and before you can get them your thrown into an ad. I would like to highly recommend this game because it is a fun game. But I'm not because of the ads.

This game is extremely addictive. But the developers need to do some work. It is glitchy and freezes a lot! To the point that I have deleted it and will never play again because it's too frustrating to develop the skills and get good and have all your points taken because the game freezes and keeps kicking you out and making you start completely over.

so disappointed. started out really fun. I actually felt like I could move up levels without spending $$. This was true however the game never got any more challenging. at level 253 & it has become the most boring game. I have never used a single one of my lives & don't need any of the boosts that are offered. The only times I have run out of tiles was when I just wasn't paying attention. I never run out of time to finish a level. Now it gives me 12 16 or 17 minutes per level. I give up.

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Enjoy relaxing triple tile 3D puzzles! Start matching, find pairs & have fun! Bug Fixes & Improvements
- Removed problematic advertisement networks that were causing ad loading issues & game freezing. If the issues still persist for your device, please contact support so that we can collect data for future solutions.

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