A Marble Machine is a captivating mechanical apparatus that showcases the intersection of art and engineering. Comprising a series of intricate mechanisms, pulleys, and ramps, this mesmerizing creation keeps marbles in constant motion. As marbles navigate different paths, they trigger a harmonious symphony of sounds, offering a delightful sensory experience. Marble Machines come in various sizes and designs, from simple tabletop versions to massive installations. Whether you’re a fan of music, engineering, or simply appreciate the beauty of intricate designs, a Marble Machine is sure to captivate and entertain.

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kqJhaSxc122November 24, 2023
XPjzGgldVJ962December 9, 2023
PDz0VERZW616January 9, 2024
j197okAZTLM831December 21, 2023
8rnRNX6Wjt730January 6, 2024

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Marble Machine Tier List

Good game but doesn't get more challenging. It does have beautiful graphics and it's fun to run the ball though the maze. But I've played probably 60-70 games and after you get the basics down, it's just variations on the same theme. I expected something to change when i went to a new level but no. I even scanned ahead. Just more of the same. I'm disappointed...

What an amazing game! One could easily lose themselves in these puzzles. Some levels have simple solutions but you won't collect the stars on the board. Very smooth and appealing graphics, background music is not obtrusive. This is certainly a game I would not paying for in order to get extra levels.

While looking for something else, the awesome graphics to this game caught my eye and I'm glad I looked further. The puzzles are unique and progressively challenging. Nice relaxing sound track. NO ADS! For a fair donation you can unlock a bunch more levels. Well worth supporting this app. I want to see more from these guys!

Great game, puzzles get hard enough to realy make you think. NO ADS! They simply ask for a donation of any amount after the first 30 levels, even if that amount is $0. I thought it was worth $10. Great job Devs!

A very nice puzzle game. Not overly complicated or headache inducing like many others. I found myself doing the "just one more round" over and over again. Gladly supported this ad free game with my two dollars.

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Experiment and solve over a hundred physic based puzzles! Small update with new puzzles

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