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To redeem a coupon in the Manchester United Official App, go to the "Settings" or "My Account" section, enter the code, and apply it during checkout for discounts.

Manchester United Official App Coupon reviews

Hi Developers at Man United! From the time I began using this app, my experience with the reels have not being smooth. At best, it was just manageable. But since the start of the season, it has become abysmal. Some videos don't play completely, the order of play disorganizes, and other issues that hamper the user experience. Please fix ASAP.

Frankly, and being in the States & following & rooting for the Reds since 1955. I wish you all had a "visual notification only" option, one that sits atop the display until I click it. The repeating beeps are quickly annoying on the mobile phone. I really enjoy the features & "back in the day" pieces. Nostalgia is never what it used to be but performers of first class deserve to be remembered because they built the team success, and enabled our enjoyment. Thanx for asking. Semper fi

Posted in 2015: Good job Emtel and Manchester United. Edit 2021: Iv been using the app ever since same was launched by emtel, a telecom operator in Mauritius. The app has since been transformed in such a pleasing way! The UI feels nice, easy to browse. The regular news updates makes it easier to stay connected to the club. The match insights is pretty useful too. Keep it up

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