In this MadOut2 BigCityOnline game you can choose any vehicle, from UAZ, tractor to sports supercar. The game is distinguished by an interesting drawing and the presence of a large number of objects and locations, landscapes and streets familiar to us.

The presence of excellent physics of the movement of cars, including in the process of destruction and collisions. You can choose a car among 30 different models and brands of cars. You have to participate in races, using your weapons, earning bonuses. Complete a variety of missions related to the need to get to a certain place.

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Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
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katgK2x9JAZJuly 7, 2023837

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As much as I would love to give this game in five stars they'res just a couple problems. Not every time the game will open when you click on it the loading screen will show and then I'll send you back to the home screen. Two, it would be cool if you would add just a little more style choices for your character like more hair styles. Oh one more thing it would be cool if you could add attachments to your car like a bigger bumper or armor. Besides that it's a great game.

5 stars because it's free. Like a super-lite GTA style game, but I really hope for some improvements. Physics are decent, but the cars shake WAY too much when you get going fast. I really think the car gets damaged too easily. Some of the light bumps will destroy your bumper. I'd like to see some random weapons throughout the city or some kind of bonuses. If improvements keep coming out, I think this has a lot of potential, particularly the online play. I await the improvements.

Best description for this game. Its an in development Russian GTA. It's very early in development and the developers seem to be trying to make this fun. Only a few things that bother me. There really needs to have a better way to get weapons other than spending coins and watching ads to get them. the time it takes to watch ads you already got killed by other players and they would have stole the weapon you spend close to 30 seconds to get. 2, the cars are very easily destroyed by the environment, example I was driving on the grass and i hit a small bump and my car was smoking already, needs to be looked at. 3, the aiming is a bit odd and could be fixed easily. Like i said early development so issues like these could be fixed in the future.

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Dive into the insane gangster action with RP elements. Cars & guns in open world - Daily and weekly tasks
- New Import Event!
- New cars: 11 new vehicles!.
- New clothes: Hipster, Workman, Major and Minor suits!
- Game interface: Visual update
- New sounds: shots, explosions, hits, environment
- Free daily reward
- Vehicle delivery: complete rework
- New weapon 3d models
- Airport location: full redesign
- New building models
- Free items on the game map
- New game mechanic: Wanted system

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