At the moment, the game has worked out three modes at once, in the future new features will be added. In parallel with your opponent, you will find yourself at the peak of a mountain made up of planks.

The main task is that you need to overthrow the enemy, but stay in place yourself, for this you should push, make extraordinary maneuvers, the main thing is that the goal be achieved. The uniqueness of the gameplay lies in the fact that the hands of both 2 and 4 people are involved, moreover, on a single device. It looks funny when one smartphone squeezes so many people, on a tablet the action looks more acceptable. Other modes involve capturing the flag.

Active Madcar : 2 – 4 Players VIP Codes

r3KwlYxxxxx Get

- Gold x4612K, Gems x317, Coins x63274

jhAFT8xxxxx Get

- Diamonds x431, Money x61278, Resources x1693K

Madcar :  2 – 4 Players Codes

List of Madcar : 2 – 4 Players Codes

Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
1yvOdbqokm3May 16, 2023533
UDcgLeRCrTFXJuly 10, 2023461
9FmLub6x13June 10, 2023324
gbQrW6TwNDmJuly 11, 2023752
fP4pEuRXdQUJune 7, 2023903

How to exchange the promo code??

  • Step 1: Click on 'Avatar' => 'Settings' => 'Redeem Code'.
  • Step 2: Enter the code in the gift code' box and press 'Confirm' to receive the reward.
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Madcar : 2 – 4 Players Tier List

Its good but every single mode has ads and if we play a mode i lose or my friend it is taking so long to come the ad with or without internet or it will stuck due the mode ends and we have difficult and hard to close the game and replay the game it has a few mods and 2 mods are not available Plzz i want a solution for this game It wand updates...

amazing... I play with my friends all the time but sometimes wants to show an ad and does not show it so it stays there and that is very annoying cause I have to restart the app

its fun and its a 2player game and my cousin likes it and it has her favorite color pink. and my favorite color blue and red. i just like it and you need to add a Lamborghini amd a ferrari la ferrari and other super cars. also my cousins favorite colors is black and white and blue. also you should make the controls more like at the bottom left corner. also i would like you to make the cars free and not difficult like for an example the other pack you need to subscribe and stuff and when i do

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Confront your friends in crazy modes with Pepette or even La Petita! - Added "I'm The King" mode

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