Are you tired of spending valuable lunch breaks waiting in line at crowded restaurants? Take control of your lunchtime routine with Lunch-Check! Our innovative app allows you to pre-order and pay for your meal from a variety of nearby restaurants, all from the convenience of your phone. Simply choose from the menu, select your desired pick-up time, and breeze past the long lines when you arrive. With Lunch-Check, you’ll never have to waste another minute waiting for lunch again. Download the app today and start enjoying hassle-free lunches!

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B2V7qfLt700December 18, 2023
gyDJZKFYc0216January 15, 2024
SVzTDWJ1A580January 18, 2024
XFU3ZVtCk4n651December 4, 2023
1fcOAZons8257November 27, 2023

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  • Step 1: Click on 'Avatar' => 'Settings' => 'Promo Code'.
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The app worked great until yesterday when it suddenly disappeared from my phone as I downloaded the android 12 system update, and can't install it anymore (gets stuck at 78%, then sends an error message). Update: works again, thank you for the quick response :-)

Latest update doesn't accept birthday entry. No hints are provided how to do this according to their format. I solved this by verify myself in the online app. Please use GIU guidelines for accepting dates. Maps and restaurant list is not working in current build. Fix this! App always ask about preferences for tap and pay. I need to decline this every time I open the app. Please save my selection! In summary: please do not update to this version it seems borderline useless.

After the update my card got lost from the device and I cannot add it again. It rejects correct birth date. Why does it need it even at all? Why is this field mandatory, while the name isn't? Is alias a name? Do you guys do your research? Adding card is the most basic function and it doesn't work. I strongly believe you should rethink your qa strategy. This update sucks and I really wish my company would stop this lunch check madness. Not worth it.

Creating the account does not allow me too use the 'create and store password' feature from Google. Then I try to add my lunch check card, it asks for 'birthday' but it does not specify the format for the date. Then I scan the qr code for the card, when hitting 'add card ' it complains about card detail being wrong and only tells you 'you have 2 tries left'. Overall looks as beta/alfa software.

After update it lost my login. Hard to find them (i registered 2 years ago). Didn't see the recover password option...

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Swiss Lunch-Check - the most delicious currency in Switzerland • Mobile payment
• Change daily limit
• Monitor transactions
• Block card in case of loss
• Reload credit

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