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Active Lost Survivors – Island Game VIP Codes

jvCfR6xxxxx Get

- Gold x9453K, Gems x275, Coins x34856

xOHmVoxxxxx Get

- Diamonds x438, Money x43189, Resources x6148K

Lost Survivors – Island Game Codes

List of Lost Survivors – Island Game Codes

Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
Dx5hkvYO7iXMay 8, 2023746
t6xEnsCVjc0KApril 12, 2023927
e9zojrIsX2March 22, 2023774
4BoLWO1h0tEMarch 20, 2023296
rqZTEL6Fh91March 18, 2023884

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Lost Survivors – Island Game Tier List

Though a fun game at low levels, its unbalanced design and long wait times make you lose interest and uninstall. For example, clearing clouds at low levels takes maybe 10 minutes' worth of item collection/crafting time. At higher levels, just clearing a cloud can take 24 to 48 hours, sometimes longer. Event rewards vs. time taken to craft is unbalanced, and the cost of items is not consistent. There is also an item glitch that gives you neg. Items in your inventory instead of adding them.

Fun to begin with, but becomes less so as you progress. No tasks after level 50, upgrading storage and radio mast becomes too hard as you don't get the drops and your lucky if you get your rafts out at all, the submarine becomes impossible due to requirements which you can't get as they also require drops from rafts. I started playing to take my mind off bigger real life issues, I don't need a stressful game, and that's what this game sadly becomes.

It does not look like any survivor game, it's just collect and spend that's it, in start it's fun but after some level it take too much time, and so many elements in the Start that you don't know what to do, very few people to collect resources," man you should know that in this kind of games resources are everything but there's is nothing like this", and upgrading time take forever, I don't know what to say anymore but to just quit it and delete it forever,

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Lost Survivors – Island Game Wiki

Build your camp on a tropical island, explore the world & rescue all survivors! Thrive on a tropical island, surrounded by the cutest animals!
Rescue all survivors, use your rafts to explore the world, and uncover all sorts of mysteries. In this week's update:
Join the Howling Season, available until March 26th, and unlock many awesome prizes and boosts for your island!
Join us in Lost Survivors!

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