Lords Online (王國征戰) is an epic strategy game that takes players on an exciting journey to build and expand their own kingdom. With its stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, players have the chance to become powerful lords and conquer their rivals. Players can recruit and train various troops, gather resources, and engage in thrilling battles against other players. They can also form alliances, trade, and participate in massive guild wars for ultimate victory. Lords Online offers a rich and dynamic world where strategic thinking and tactical skills are essential for success.

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Zs5wTmu7507December 24, 2023
3f2VN5GnJw896December 8, 2023
Nj3T6LWnQ652January 10, 2024
HATbqstufly383December 21, 2023
5Vs3fyU2xE403December 19, 2023

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This game is best but give redeem code option in India server

I was on the English server and I liked it so much that I had to get this one too.

As a image guide maker on familiars, there is a lot of problems. Firstly, my global account has the worst labyrinth streak of 6 years without a gemming kill. You said its random but its not actually the case if it's been that long. A labyrinth pass would solve this issue but it'll offend ppl if it's locked behind money rather based on years. Secondly, rare monster material drops need adjustments as champ bundles is being brought more than regular ones and Voodoo Shaman dolls are dropping easily.

I installed and played to upgrade castle to level 4. Now when I log in the game freezes, I can't do anything. I've uninstalled and reinstalled a few times, still the same. Game freezes, I can't do anything. What a total waste of novice 3 day shield. 0 stars from me

Awesome game thank you. I have just created a second account for a hyper farm in order to support my main castle and my guild. I prefer the previous kingdom screen graphics. Much more user friendly. The new update doesn't do it for me. I have become fond of the new screen and it's to my liking now. I must take back my last comment now. it's all good

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Ready for war? Join the fight now! # Winter's here in the Kingdoms of Athena!

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