The Brain Training Game is a fun and engaging way to keep your mind sharp. With a variety of challenging puzzles and exercises, this game will help improve your memory, attention span, and cognitive abilities. Test your problem-solving skills, memory retention, and mental agility as you complete levels and unlock new challenges. The Brain Training Game is suitable for all ages and offers a great way to exercise your brain while having fun. Start playing today and give your brain the workout it deserves!

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This is one of the best logic/puzzle games I've found. I play every day and I love it however absolutely hate that there are so few energy points given to you at a time that you're only able to play a few boards at once. It seems sometimes I'm only playing few min! After the energy is used you pretty much cant play again until the next day unless you pay. I wish there was an option to watch ads for more free energy like most all other games!!

Edit: The recent upgrade broke the program. Now it acknowledges that I got a puzzle right and then pretends I never did the puzzle. Not on all of them. Just on some of them. Also I dislike the new layout and see no option to switch back. To make room to say all that, I deleted how to identify a puzzle with a mistake, since the reply I got denied there are any mistakes, so obviously it was ignored anyway. Please fix it. While a good program overall, some solutions are just plain wrong.

The puzzles were fun, but the energy was too low to make it satisfying to return to daily. I would want to do 5-6 puzzle boxes a session to really get some satisfaction of working towards the achievements and its just plain fun, but there's maybe enough energy for 1.5-2 boxes. I like the game, I just don't get enough out of it as is.

Good game. Expensive, for what it is. Puzzles are good. Wish there was an overlay for notes on all puzzles (like Prof. Layton games). Hints are not helpful and I've found several puzzles with incorrect or alternative answers with no way to report. For example, in the highest difficulty, there was a puzzle to remove 5/20 matches to make congruent triangles which had several correct answers. Another, which does make the shape of a cube, I clicked one with 7 sides and was wrong.

Fine puzzles, for the most part. Over the few months I've played, they changed since things without saying so up front, which confused me, but wasn't a huge deal. Not great that my phone wouldn't recognize this as "a game" for my game launcher, either. Just uninstalled bc apparently I've solved every free puzzle-- and going back to work on old puzzles isn't free either. There's nothing at all for me to do w/o getting premium, which just bites. I get it, kinda, but still: wow.

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