Little Monster Rope Game is a fun and exciting activity for kids of all ages. The game consists of colorful ropes with different monsters attached to them. The objective is to untangle the ropes without letting the monsters touch each other. Children will develop their problem-solving skills while having a blast trying to solve the puzzle. The game can be played with friends or individually, making it a perfect choice for parties or quiet days at home. Little Monster Rope Game is guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment and educational value for children.

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3VxPaFGW365January 2, 2024
SNFwVmzDjZ458December 15, 2023
iCp9dSFOB377December 30, 2023
J93Kvd1hl4m308November 30, 2023
xLVJaoZfDF697January 20, 2024

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Now most of the complaints here are about ads, but I can just turn off my internet and boom, no ads, but you have to watch ads to get certain abilities so that's a downer. But the game itself isn't very good it's still funny and sort of cool so there's some fun to be had here, the boss mode is hailerous lol. 3 stars

To many adds also very laggy and very boring

It had way too many ads, it's at least 5 mins or 10 . When I saw the images I thought it was similar to the baby in yellow but I was wrong. Hopefully you'll fix these problems but for now I will leave it Uninstalled.

10/10 masterpiece. a work of art deserving the upmost praise. it's groundbreaking graphic and gameplay are truly the best in the market, to the point that I am convinced that we aren't getting any better than this. playing this game has been a life changing experience that shall forever me greatful for. it has everything a gamer could ever want; game breaking gameplay, heartbreaking story, the ability to shoot Freddy fazbear, guns and much much more. truly play it now, beca baby rope baby game r

Too many stupid ads holy Christ

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