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Last update November 24, 2023

The iconic symbol of hope and guidance, the lighthouse has been a staple of coastal landscapes for centuries. Standing tall on rocky cliffs, it sends out its beacon of light, guiding ships safely through treacherous waters. Beyond its functional purpose, the lighthouse holds a sense of allure and mystery. It stands as a silent witness to countless stories of the sea, offering a glimmer of light in the darkness. Lighthouses continue to serve as reminders of strength, resilience, and the human spirit’s ability to navigate through life’s storms.

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x85PpFGt548January 13, 2024
1oxFU7uQDp687December 31, 2023
m6uUO2Psc548January 20, 2024
pcrvhQ69S5D557January 5, 2024
PLlJ7GF9C2556December 24, 2023

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Light House Tier List

Controls don't always work (mostly the dragging. The puzzles require precise timing at parts and if a single tap doesn't register you'll have to start over) and they punish failure with making you buy it. Expect a lot more fast-paced puzzles that challenge reflexes. The puzzles are good. A huge amount of the reviews are fake, praising graphics or mental development. I bet this would be 2.5-3.5 stars if the reviews were all legitimate. Aside from this, it's fun, but the issues really suck.

I once played a game whose developer had a "pay as you like" option. I enjoyed the game so much that after finishing it, i paid an amount that i usually spend when purchasing similar games on Play Store. I was beginning to love this game. I would probably have even bought the game. But the strategy of "pay for unlimited attempts" is an extreme insult. Moreover, the controls are so finnicky that it is easy to lose a chance simply while resizing the scene and accidentally tap a bulb. Horrible.

Amazing game. Why 3 stars? Please reconsider your retry structure. Giving 3 attempts and then asking to pay, made me uninstall. Made it till level 92, engaged to each level. Figured the logic and ran out of attempts at 90 and locked out of further levels. Asking to pay lost you a DAU. PS: Closing the game through clearing RAM and coming back helps avoid Retries :)

Wow! Banana development, all I can say is that, this app is very beautiful, and amazing. I'm so glad to found this. Though it only took some space, yet it was very fun, entertaining, addicting and perfect. This is the kind of app that really boosts your thinking skills! Please, add more levels so that players could enjoy more, including me. Keep up the good work, and continue to create helpful apps! Thanks😁😁

What the heck can we do with just 9 resets until we have to buy the game for unlimited restarts? That is a useless feature for someone who makes countless mistakes for 1 level because they couldn't time the play right to actually complete the level their first try. I bet everyone who played this game agrees with me when I say that this game was better before those worthless updates. Please fix this and make it better.

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Isometric puzzle, based on light physics Internal bug-fixes, you won't see them 👻

Special thanks to:
Kuba Jankowiecki for Polish translation
Venkat Yalavarthi for help in levels design

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