“The Legend of the Leaf” is an enchanting tale passed down through generations. It tells the story of a small village nestled within a mystical forest. Legend has it that a remarkable leaf possesses the power to grant any person’s deepest desire. As the villagers embark on a perilous journey to find this fabled leaf, they encounter thrilling adventures and overcome daunting challenges. This heartwarming tale teaches us about the importance of hope, determination, and the transformative power of believing in our dreams.

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- 1000 gold, 50 gems, 10 diamonds, 5 rubies, 20 healing potions, 1 enchanted sword, 5000 coins, 2 legendary armor sets, 30 mana potions, 3 ancient artifacts.

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- 500 gold, 50 gems, $1000, 20 diamonds, 100 wood, enchanted sword, potion of healing.

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Gift CodesTotalExpiration Date
oX1LSu7R497September 19, 2023
WXclZk6ItY806September 14, 2023
zVOUK6ywd139October 21, 2023
GNU63q14XHK278October 21, 2023
QkoKfXrhix378September 21, 2023

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Love this game, the characters are relatively easy to obtain if your smart about your choices and are willing to pay a bit of money to start out, honestly though it's not that expensive and I don't mind spending small amounts towards something I enjoy, Love the characters and gameplay, it's perfect for the on the go dad's like me and my son loves to see my progress. Thanks guys!

I had the other app and it wouldn't let me use it anymore at all. Said to download this one and everything would transfer. I was level 70 and had lost of stuff now I have to start all over again with nothing

This game is best for fun and play but it will be more fun if this game update for example when we chat with others player sometimes message not send and sometimes others player can't see our message fix it fast and we can't cope others messages fix it and 1 more thing the price of diamonds are very high you have to least fix your price of diamonds low your price those player who don't top up in game are nothing at least you have to gave features to who don't top up and give new events not same

Once you connect your account in one game they add another version for the game in other app other name and they ask you to connect your account there but it doesn't work.in simple words you will lose everything you reached and bild with the old app after the new release of the ather app

It is fun to play but some features are too exclusive for players to pay only.... it will be more fun for some features for free players too....

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