Ledo Pizza, a beloved chain across the United States, has been serving up delicious pizza since 1955. With their signature rectangular shape, sweet sauce, and thick-cut pepperoni, Ledo Pizza offers a unique and mouthwatering taste. Their menu also includes a variety of other Italian-American classics such as pasta, sandwiches, and salads. Ledo Pizza prides itself on using high-quality ingredients and providing exceptional customer service. Whether you’re dining in, ordering for delivery, or grabbing a quick slice on the go, Ledo Pizza is sure to satisfy your cravings.

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Ledo Pizza Premium/Pro Account Free

This updated version of the app is horrible. I used the app to order from Ledo every week, but this new app takes a lot of extra work, making ordering with it not worth my time. I shouldn't have to keep typing in my location, I shouldn't have to click multiple times to get to the menu items I want. Sure all the pictures look nice, but I'd rather have no pictures of iteans making ordering so much more difficult.

The app is mostly fine, but it's impossible to place the order that I want. I order double bacon plus mushrooms; the app provides no way to order double of a topping, and no apparent way to request it via e.g. order notes. The Website ordering interface has the same problem. This makes both ordering methods useless to me, and means that I'm just not going to bother ordering from Ledo most of the time.

Seems you HAVE to have 3 toppings on the lunch special. Also, there is not a way to specify twice the toppings. Seems they still have work to do the app. Guess I'll wait for the next version b4 ordering!

I understand you have to order online. Why if you are traveling you have to order online and just can't scan your phone in the location to make it easier. Are you making this app convenient for the business or the customer?

This app won't let me double my toppings for my pizza. I went into the restaurant early to see if the employees would show me what I was doing wrong. Surprise! None of the employees or the manager know how to double the toppings and have not been trained in using the app. Wrote a complaint to corporate again, but somehow, don't expect to get a response. Damn shame, I love Ledos pizza.

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Download Ledo Pizza App for the easiest way to order your favorite square pizza! Update to address minor bug and improve user experience

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